Whately Pioneers vs. Westfield Wheelmenat The Shire 6/20/13

OK, tee it up again. WWIII, 2013

Hello...again, Wheelmen

This is a rare Thursday night Match. To avoid a beer Inning killing conflict, we switched the match to June 20. There must be the Beer Inning, especially at the Shire where they are fun.

Leave work early, pick up Supe and Bullet, greet Jimmy and suit him up. Hit the road, and Shire bound.

The Wheelmen pounded us in the first inning, and tacked 2 more on, but that's all they would get. With 2 on and 1 out in the 9th, Jimmy Z launched a missle into the trees way out in right center, plating Monty and Lord. Somehow the ball hit a tree trunk squarely and miraculously bounced back into the firld of play, leaving Jimmy on second base. 99 times out of 100, this is a home run. So when Bullet was retired and Buck lined out to center, the Wheelmen have victory #3 over the Pioneers in 2013.

Shots from the Shire on the First Day of Summer

Box Score