2004... the year of mystery

As the Cool Jerks headed out for the top of the 9th and the Foo Kin 2-Tees came in for their last at-bat, time froze. There was a disturbance in the Force. And without hesitation, all the players on both teams joined arms and began to sing!!

Where have you gone NightAmaggioHave you see this man. More dangerous than Jason Bourne
TNB Nation turns it's lonely eyes to you..

What's that you say NightAmaggio
Joe Pesci won't call your slider for a strike
No No No Nooooooooooo

Koo Koo Cachoo NightAmaggio
The creatures love you more than you can know
No.. No.. Noooooooooo..

So if you please NightAmaggio
Heaven holds a place for those who stay
hey  hey  hey
hey  hey heyyyyyyyyyyy