Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Harry 'Constable' Ruddock

Harry “Constable” Ruddock grew up in the pleasant Pioneer Valley working on the local farms. As a young man, picking potatos, he was known to be able to throw them (usually one about 5 oz.) with great accuracy approximately 90 feet, as confirmed by his brothers ( they would automatically rub the side of their heads at the recollection).
“Constable” became tired of working tirelessly on the potato machine, so joined the local constabulary to make ends meet. Harry was very good at his new job as Constable and became very adept at keeping the local ruffians in check. Constable used a custom 34”, 35 oz baton, and was feared and respected by the ruffians. It wasn’t until “Connie” (as he is known amongst friends) was chasing after a local hooligan who was stealing apples, that he ran by Cap’t “Buck” Fluff tending his shop.   Connie’s speed and expert handling of the  34” custom “Billy” club impressed Buck so much, he decided to formally draft Connie to the local Base Ball club he skippered called the Whately Pioneers.   Said Connie,
“I’ve heard of the new sport called Base Ball and would like to give it a try, besides it would be a good way to get away from some of the malcontents”.
To his surprise, however, a good number of his new team mates consisted of those very malcontents!  However, Connie over-looked that, saying;
“These guys are good striker’s and this new sport is just too much fun, I can always throw them in the paddy later”.


The Constable Connie with his baton











Connie defends the cornerConnie in the zone