Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Bob 'Bullet' Englehardt

Bullet is a big man of few words. Growing up with 15 brothers and sisters, he learned to grab a biscuit and ask questions later. He is known for his huge hands and wry sence of humor. After a game, he once palmed Buck's bald head and lifted him off the ground. Boy, was that funny!
Bet on Bullet to have a BIG year in 2008, because the Big righthander appears to have recovered from the major knee surgery which limited his appearances (we all certainly hope so!).
Let's let Bullet tell it, "I'm done makin' Swags, i'm a pitcher, and them batters will pay. They ain't taking biscuits off my table any more...."
watch out batters in 2008 .
Bullet' hurled 4 strong innings in the 2007 VBBF world Series. He says he'll be back to "Finish the job" We believe him.
A wise striker inspects a pitch before striking Bullet playing the the VBBF World Series July 2007