Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Melissa 'Albie' Frydlo

Melissa 'Albie' Frydlo spent he childhood years living with squirrels. Not all the facts and circumstances are known, her parents refuse to discuss the matter, but Melissa did not know she wasn't a squirrel until she was 9 years old. She attributes her advanced engineering and base ball skils to her squirrel mentors. It is widely understood that her annual mid summer disappearances are to be with her squirrel family in New Hampshire. The commonly believedbiography of 'Albie' is as follows... Albie Reads the Lineup, May 17, 2009

While camping with her parents as a curious young child, Little Melissa started to explore the campsite. She soon became lost, and frightened. After hours and hours she still couldn’t find her way back to the safety of the campsite. Darkness set in, and hearing the scary noises of the forest, she decided it would be safer to climb a tree, and perhaps find her bearings. Exhausted and hungry Melissa quickly fell asleep. She awoke in the morning with a surprise gift of nuts and berries next to her. She gratefully ate her breakfast, and it soon dawned on her that the squirrels in the trees had given her the food.
For the next few years the squirrels raised her and played squirrel games with her. She quickly became adapt at catching nuts thrown form the trees by her adopted friends, as well and became strong and agile.
The Squirrels called her 'Albie', which means 'Large Squirrel with opposable thumbs who can catch chestnuts' , in Squirrel. Albie learned how to catch falling chestnuts for her squirrel family. This was a popular treat.
She grew a long main that protected her from the elements, but her squirrel family realized that she was really a person and eventually decided that she would be safer back with her kind.
Albie moved back to civilization, but was never really happy until she discovered base ball, which was as close to squirrel life as civilization had to offer. Albie is happily living in a Tree House and her favorite food is raw berries and nuts she gathers. She can be seen playing on the Whately Pioneer Base Ball team

Albie on deck Kid, Connie and Albie in Waterbury