Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Ken 'The Babe' Hartwright


Kenneth “The Babe” Hartwright was born September 9th in a poor waterfront neighborhood. At age eight he was sent by his saloon-keeper father to St Mary's Industrial School for Boys, where a priest, Father Copafeel, took a great interest in the boy. The kind Priest spent many hours everyday with 'Kenneth'; the 2 were inseparable. Among the many games the two played such as, “Happy Massage”, “Find Father's Pocketwatch ”, or Base Ball; the Babe’s favorite was always Base Ball.

As a teenager, his baseball exploits caught the attention of the minor league Northampton Ruffians, where he starred as a left-handed power hitting first baseman. Later that year, he was promoted to the major-league Greenfield Law Enforcers. There he remained as he honed his craft at Base Ball, until noticed by Whately Pioneer short stop Spider.

The Babe was demonstrating great power with the bat, so Spider talked with Whately Pioneer Captain, Buck, whence he was sold to the Pioneers for a record $100,000. With the Pioneers he has become the game's pre-eminent player, and such a drawing card that the new Herlihy Stadium was dubbed "the house that 'The Babe' built."

'The Babe' is legendary for his large appetite, high living, and his love of beer, and even appeared in several films (some mainstream sport films, some “artistic films” (although he claims that they were public service condom ads) ), and he has assumed almost mythical status. He married his high school sweetheart, then his college sweetheart, then the daughter of a local judge, and then he married one of the many "Babe's Babes" that tracked his exploits. He spends his free time giving to local charities among his favorite “the Single Mothers”.
Just helping them get their start”, he’d always say. "I know I have to give something back"

That's Babe. Big Man, Big Heart, Big Everything

Babe with his sidekick Laropin' Spider The babe with his legion of Cranks Babe calling his shot at Simsbury