Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Pres 'Buck' Pieraccini (Captain)

Well, I don't actually remember anything about my 'life'. I woke up one day and here I was. I even had a job. I Learned how to drive an automobile and I already knew how to play baseball; which is all I really like doing anyway. I have great friends and a family. My dog Bug is smarter than half the players on the '93 Reds, and I named him after Bug Holliday; A good hustling man with a big heart and a swell bat. I hear he died in '10.
Maybe this is Heaven. Hey, i'll take it...
Lately, I have remembered a few things. Cap Anson, I liked. Played with him in '92. Charlie Comiskey, I didn't. Played with him in '93. Who would have known he'd turn his back on the players like that!? Maybe i'll take Termie back with me and drill him a few times..HA!
But, not my problem now, I like it here.