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Roster May 8, 2014
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Next Game May 22, 2014

Update May 7, 2014

The TNB 2013 season starts Thursday, May 22 , 2014. The scheduled games are May 8 and 22, June 5 and 19, July 3 and 24. Games start at 6pm sharp. Feel free to tell your friends, there is no age limit or restrictions. The roster is 22 players, first come first served. Reservations for a roster spots are confirmed by email ...see below. We will self-umpire the games.

Wear what you want. The game fee is $5.00 When at Herlihy we play till dark or 9 innings and then retire to the pavilion area for the beer inning. The Fall games are all 9 innings.
Email using the below email link for info or other specific questions.

Rockin and Mimi

Although the Game starts at 6 pm (when played at Herlihy), you can come to the field after 4:30 pm for a pre-game workout of running, throwing or BP at our new Batting Cage behind the Beer Inning Pavillion.

Time to Play Ball

  • To E-mail TNB/DomeBall, just click HERE
  • Where are Herlihy and Pioneer?...Directions here