Game 7 Nor'easters vs. Scouts

Deja Vu all Over Again...TNB?

by Buck Fluff

I guess......Time to Finish the Job

Well, this isn't the Lowell Red Sox, or the Rebels, it's our old friends the Scouts. It is a consolation game, and for us, the consolation is well deserved. We pretty much earned our way into the Finals, the Old Fashioned Way, by beating both of the Finalists and having tied for the best Record... But....for the weird tiebreaker...whatever, and nevermind.... still, we need to finish 6-1 so we can complain about it with feirce indignation all year, and later to proudly wear the t-shirts that Nails would make proclaiming us the Champions!

And the Winner IS!....Game 7, 6th Inning!

With no score in the bottom of the first, Ricky-Bobby having retired the Scouts in the top of the inning, the Nor'easters struck for 4 runs. A Supe single, a clutch Ricky-Bobby 2-out triple and a Bullet base hit driving in the 4 opening salvo runs.

Grass, Web and Buck ribbis countered by Fog and Catnip doubles brought us to the top of the 6th with the Noreasters up, 7-3. Buck, having duly read his pitching assignment from Coach's lineup sheet, stood on the rubber peering into Nails. The umpire said, "Hey look, Oil Can Boyd is back".

I don't know what he meant by that, but he was the umpire of game 1 when Buck tried to pick that skinny prick from the Black Skeep off 7 times. So maybe he was referring back to that. But wait, Ricky Bobby was walking out to the mound! Coach was just kidding about Buck pitching the 6th. (Actually, the plans just changed) Buck gave Ricky Bobby the ball and grabbed some bench. No biggie. Ricky Bobby retired Troop and Slim Shady after a Max single. Six base hits, 2 walks and an error later, the score stood 10-7 Scouts. Ouch, Babe.......
Web and Jeff

Not to worry however. Before there was an out in the bottom of the 6th, "Mike" and Grass had driven in 3 runs and tied the game at 10. But that wasn't the coolest part of the inning. The Ricky Bobby meltdown finally happened. We had given up hope, but Ricky Bobby came through!!! With 2 outs, Chap hit Ricky Bobby with a pitch. Ricky boomeranged the bat about 50 feet in the general direction of the Scout dugout while making loud disagreeable noises at Chap, Ecc, and whoever tried to talk to him. It was awesome. It made us all feel great and the umpire was even more amused than we were!

Before the dust had settled, Abe'rod' "Mancake" Klein had challenged Grassmaster to a manly physical challenge and all manner of madcap shennanigans had transpired.

Not surprisingly, nobody had -Ricky Bobby, Game 7, 6th inning-. The closest was Joltin' who had -Ricky Bobby, Game 3, pre game, Field 4 men's room-.

The Job is Finished

Clutch Joltin' and Grass base hits in the 7th and a nice hold pitched by Ski, and the Nor'easters managed to win the game. The Nor'easters played well and felt pretty good about themselves as they gathered their gear, showered, drank a beer and filed out to the parking lot and a beach Bistro for the final meal in Florida, 2011.

Game 7 Box Score 1-23-11

Nor'easters 14, Scouts 10