Game 7 Nor'easters vs. Rockies

Consolation Game...I Guess

by Buck

Let's Play 1

There was some kind of tiebreaker meeting after game 6. There were 3 teams at 5-1 at the close of business on Saturday. For the second straight year we were playing in the consolation game when the music stopped.

The Clubhouse before the Game sure was cheery... pause...It was like being in Family Court during a Divorce proceeding. All the Parties are there, trying not to throw a punch at the other side. It reminded me somewhat of Mama Corleone's Funeral too. Fredo (John) is desperately hoping for forgiveness from Michael (Supe, Papi), but can't ask. Everybody else at the Funeral knows that Fredo is going to be Wacked by Michael as soon a Mama is in the ground. Fredo is mumbling 'Hail Mary's', so he knows too.

We file out to the ballpark to play 7 innings of baseball. What the heck, it's still Florida, and it's still baseball. And we'll always have Paris (Game 6).

The Game

The Rockies entertained us with a series of good pitchers. Ricky pitched great. Rockies 2, Nor'Easters 0