Game 4 Nor'easters vs. Rebels

by Buck Fluff

Dog in controlThe Rebels

We certainly didn't know that this would be a Big Game in the grand scheme of things, but it was. This game with the Rebels was one of 2 big games we played today (actually 3) that made the Finals on Sunday morning controversial and oddly (perversly?) satisfying.


I could tell you that Dog just happened to be in Florida, and swung over to play a little ball with us. But the truth is, Dog flew down with the lovely Paula and his friend Chip and his lovely wife to pitch this game. Dog circles the Nor'easter campfire in smaller and smaller circles, like a wolf. Nobody I know gets ready to play a baseball game better than Dog. Dog warms up a certain way, takes his fielding drills, and his head is 100% on the task at hand. Geezus, you'd think he was a professional.

Right to Work

Ricky Bobby got us going with a base hit. Ther Rebels had a pretty good pitcher on the mound, and that was a good sign. Bullet drilled a shot, right at the right fielder for the first out, but we were swinging the bats on this cool damp morning. Buck and Ski added singles and Web knocked 2 runs in with a clutch 2-out double, after a half inning Nor'easters 2, Rebels coming up.

Dog picked up right where he left off. He has found the Mojo with his knuckler and mixes in the occasional fastball. We feel good with him on the mound; a status that is hard won for a knuckle ball pitcher. In the first 5 innings, the Rebels were doing no damage to Dog, hitting a variety of infield knubbers and easy pop ups and fly balls. Meanwhile, base hits by Grass, Supe, Tito and Bullet added 3 more runs to the Nor'easter lead, and we cruised into the botton of the 6th (7 inning game) with a 5-0 lead.

Self Inflicted Wound

The first hitter in the Rebels 6th squibbed yet another roller to Dog's right. Dog pounced in time, but didn't get a good grip on the ball and palmed a throw that bounced papi into the base line, right in front of the runner. The ball, the runner, Papi...all in the same place at the same time. When the dust settled, the umpire actually called the runner our, but I think papi invoked the gentleman's call and confessed that he dropped the ball...something like that. The runner was ruled safe. I believe that Dog reminded Papi that honesty isn't always the best policy in the 6th inning.

Well, muffs occur in bunches, it's the way the baseball Gods like things. Eight men came to the plate in the bottom of the 6th, 7 should have been outs. But after 6, the score was Nor'easters 6, Rebels 4. We turned a DP in the bottom of the 7th to short circuit a minor uprising and headed off to the Stadium to play the Thunder.

1 Down, 2 to Go

Sitting in front of our locker before catching the bus to Al Lang, Dog pulled off a sock and let out,
"Damn, that was fun."
Sure was Dog.

Game 4 Box Score 1-22-11

Nor'easters 6, Rebels 4