Game 4 Nor'easters vs. Rebels

Same Game, One Year Later

by Buck Fluff

The Rebels

It's weird how this happened, but last year game 4 was vs. the Rebels, and we beat them is a tight well-played game, backed by Dog's efficient pitching. Last year we had already lost a game, this year we were 3-0. Last year the Rebels won the tournament, even though we finished the tourney regular play with the same record. To refresh rourself with how that happened, click here. We don't like to talk about it..

Early Trouble

Buck was hurling for the good guys, handsomely outfitted in the sleeveless white Nor'easter unis. Buck was up and away with 4 or 5 slutters and walked the leadoff man. The second batter bounced a grounder to Supe's left which he turned into a nice 6-6-3 DP. Buck popped the next batter up and called for the gimme pop-up, which he dropped for an error. Mr. Day then doubled him home on a booming shot to left center. The next hitter popped up and was retrired, but the Rebels scored a cheap run.

The Rebel's hurler was pretty good and pitched out of a minor jam in the bottom of the first. He had a heater and a breaking ball. The Rebs went down quickly in the second, Buck pitching around an error. The Noreasters had two on in the second, but couldn't cash in.

The third was the only real bad inning we had defensively in the entire tournament. We made 3, really 4, more errors and handed the Rebels 3 more unearned runs. We were down 4-0, but even worse, we were flat. This was the only game that we had no energy. We usually have 1 klunker in a tournament, and this was it. Once again in the Nor'easter 3rd, we ha to on and 2 out, but no cigar again. Supe came on to pitch the 4th.

We did manage to put 4 runs on the board, but the Rebels tacked on 5 more, so we went down 9-4. Supe pitched the last 6 innings, and did a nice job.