Nor'easters vs. Yokes Game 3

by Buck Fluff

Web over easy with a side of friesTime to Get the Bats Going

Game 3. I don't want to say that we were looking completely past the Yokes, but we were. We were going to use them for batting practice; that is, if we considered ourselves an actual contender for the title game.

Good Start

Buck started the first off with a single to center, and scored on Ski's Moon Shot triple to center. Web and Joltin' base hits and a couple of Yoke muffs later, and we had a nice 3-0 lead after the top of the first. Supe gave the ball to Web with instructions, "First, do no harm".

You are a Commie Bastard

Being in left field, yours truly didn't hear the whole conversation; but I did hear Web call the umpire a "Commie Bastard". Far be it for me to tell Web his business. I am sure he was employing Psy Ops to the situation...or, he actually was accusing the umpire of being a Commie Bastard. Anyway, Web just threw the ball through the strike zone, and we were off the field in a few minutes. Meanwhile, we took care of business and built an 8 run lead, played good 'D' and watched Web pitch a real nice game, just when we needed it. The non-stop stream of trash talking between Web and the umpire went on for 2 hours. I know, I know...don't ask me, I just work here.

One note of interest here....The Yokes second pitcher was a very, very good hurler. He was a lefty with a nice crackling fast ball and a slider that dipped. We hit him. This is a good sign.

We are perfectly set up for Saturday, Just Win Baby! Saturday? Saturday!? you say?... Yes, It's gonna rain Friday, and John set us up perfectly by playing 3 games today (Thursday) and 3 games Saturday.

Nor'easters 12, Yokes 1