Game 2 Nor'easters vs. Stallions

by Buck Fluff

Must win gameMust Win Game

Game 2. We are in our usual position. We lose the first game of the Tournament and must run the table to have a chance to play in the finals. It's the Nor'easter way.

Bullet to the Rescue

Bullet is on the mound, the weather is perfect for baseball and we are all in a good mood. I like our chances in this game. Bullet mowed down the first 3 batters in about 3 minutes and Ice led off against a moderate thrower who looked like he knew exactly what he was doing. He did. He shut us out for 6 innings making it look easy. They put 3 singles together in the 5th to scratch in a run, and going into the bottom of the 7th, we were down 1-0. If we lose this game, we are in the beer follies for the rest of the tournament. In the 7th, Ski knocked home Tito, to tie the game. After 7, 1-1.

Bullet to the rescue again

Bullet, who we didn't think could even pitch a week ago, delivered us into the bottom of the 9th tied, 1-1. This was serious, no way we can lose this game, and we have to win it right here. Grass drew a leadoff walk, yes!. Supe beat out a SAC bunt and Ice came to the plate. Buck, knowing his friend Ice very well, knew that he was going to try to hit a 3-run Tater. Buck suggested that he lower his sights a little and SAC Grass to 3rd. Ice told Buck to run along and grab some bench, he was hitting away. Ice singled up the middle, Grass holding at 3rd. After Tito grounded into a 6-2, the plot thickened, with Bullet up, bases loaded, 1 out. Bullet singled into the SS hole, scoring Grass and we get the W. Thank you Bullet.

Nor'easters 2, Stallions 1