Game 1 Scouts vs. Nor'Easters

by Buck

The Scouts

I suppose it's a bit strange playing the Scouts in the first game, but really, we have to play them sometime, and now is as good a time as any. It's a big game, a must win.

The First Inning

In tournament baseball, you can't have a super bad inning. Well, you can, but you always lose the ballgame. And in this tournament, 1 loss can take you out of the finals. The Scouts had their bad inning right away, 9 am Thursday morning. The dew was still on the grass, and the 5-hour had barely kicked in. The Scouts defensive day began with an E5. Then: single, single, single, 3U, 1-3, E3, single, single, and finally a 5-3 to end the pain. Six runs were in, and not a ball was hit hard. Supe's single was struck pretty well, but that was it. The score should have been 1-0 Nor'easters after 1, but it was 6-0 and the game was pretty much decided right there.

Grass Cruises, Buck Mops

Grass fanned 11 on his way to 8 superb innings of hurling and Buck pitched a quick 9th. Ice, Supe and Nails led the attack collecting 10 hits between them in this 10-3 victory. Next up?, the Leominster Red Sox, and a very very tough lefty pitcher. We send Ricky Bobby to the Hill.