The 2012 Nor'easters Return to St Petersberg

And the Site of the Saturday Night Massacre

Tournament Saturday Night Records (Uh..OH)
Team W L T
Nor'easters 5 1  
Rebels 5 1  
Mutany 5 1  

It's Sunday afternoon and the four travelers are driving back to New England after another four-day mid-January Forida baseball Death-A-Thon. Papi is at the wheel, Supe is the wingman, and Nails reclines behind Supe in the back seat of the baseballmobile. Buck is physically seated beside Nails but psychologically Shamus'd to the luggage rack on the roof. Buck brought his food supply for the minimum security prison in which he resides . Luckily for the travelers, there willl be 8 hours of playoff Football to listen to. That will help. " Please let the Patriots win " is Buck's thought-bubble from the roof rack. Buck isn't even a Patriots fan, but the mood of the travelers will be important. New England is still 1800 miles away.

But, a story has to have a beginning, and this might be a good time to roll the film back 6 days, and the drive South to the 2012 Baseball International Winter Spring Training Tournament......

Oh, this is Nails, our catcher, to the right of your screen. We have just finished game 6 Saturday afternoon; and it was one of the better games I have ever played in. No matter what game we play in tomorrow, it couldn't be a better game than this. We pulled out a comeback late win, it was beautiful... (There are only two activities a guy can participate in that will give him a look like this. One is baseball)...We are thinking that we just earned a spot in the Finals! Yea, baby! ....But we must wait for the Secret Seedings. I will find out the results of the seedings 'meeting' in the stairwell of the Treasure Bay Inn on the way to my crib, a fresh cup of Joe in my hand. I knew my teammates in the hot tub would soon find out. They won't be happy.

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