Your 2010 Nor'easters Storm Port Charlotte

First Class at the Anchorage Arms

The Manatees are freezing, the Iguanas are falling out of trees stiff as bricks... but help is on the way; The Nor'Easters are coming to Punta Gorda. Nails has set us up far, far away from the Hurley-Burley of the Ballpark so the fans won't bother us, and we couldn't be happier with the Anchorage Arms. We Nor'Easters need privacy to unwind. We missed last year and need to blow off some steam. The Tournament has a Massachusetts flavor with the Scouts and Nor'Easters from the Herlihy Basin and the Fitchburg Red Sox, our rivals, playing in the same division. We play the Fitchburg team in Game 1. We don't exactly own them.

But First a Trip to the Gulf of Mexico

The Show from the poolside at the Anchorage Since we wisely landed a day early, we had a chance to do some exploring if we felt like it, before the baseball-o-thon began. For me, the choice was to visit the Amazing Lake Okeechobee or get a guided tour to the Gulf of Mexico just North of Port Charlotte. I chose the latter since I also wanted to see my old childhood neighbor Barb who ownes a place there.

Nor'easters Day 1

We were able to have a nice leisurely practice at the Tampa Bay Ray's Complex in Port Charlotte, set up our lockers at the Clubhouse, shower and return to the Anchorage Arms reloaded with refreshments and items from the local Wallmart. The Expedition is clicking on all cylinders. Tonight..Carrabas!

Tomorrow...Game 1, Sox vs. Nor'easters

Do you think this game will be important? be continued...

Game 1

Nor'Easter Past Trips